Hierarchical Iterative Parallel Solver


HIPS version 1.2 beta is released !

Download source and documentation :

Fell free to ask questions on the mailing list.

Short release notes :
  • IMPORTANT : there was a bug in 1.2b-rc3 that could lead to very bad convergence : version 1.2b-rc4 corrects this and other minor problems.
  • Improved interface (in particular easier assembly)
  • User can define its own unknown distribution
  • Fortran interface available
  • Enable to manage user data distribution differente from HIPS internal one
  • 32 / 64 bits compilation options for very large problems
  • Functions to save and load the preprocessing step
  • MPI Communicator can now be used to restrict the execution on a subset of processors
  • Lot of internal optimizations
  • Simplification of the compilation configuration
  • Run information provided to users
  • Some bug fixes ...