Hierarchical Iterative Parallel Solver



  • Can I use my own data partition in HIPS ?
    You can find an example in TESTS/PARALLEL : testHIPS3.c or testHIPS3-Fortran.f90.

  • How to change the matrix and solve the system without recomputing the preconditioner ?
    Set the parameter HIPS_DISABLE_PRECOND to 0 with the function HIPS_SetOptionINT: this allows you to keep the preconditioner unchanged even if you change the matrix.

  • How to use DOF > 1 (degree of freedom) ?
    Set the parameter HIPS_DOF (degree of freedom) to a value > 1 with the function HIPS_SetOptionINT.

  • How to save the preprocessing step ?
    You can find an example in TESTS/PARALLEL : testHIPS-Save.c and testHIPS-Load.c

  • What is the best graph partitioner library to link with ? (METIS or SCOTCH)
    Well, the main SCOTCH developper is in the next office so let say SCOTCH.

  • What is the difference between nnzP and peak ?
    nnzP is the size, in term of non-zero of the preconditioner but HIPS needs temporary additional memory during the build of the preconditioner. peak is the memory peak reach during this step. Using numerical threshold (parameter #10# in Input) you can in general reduce a lot this peak.

  • Why the HIPS logo is an orange spot ?
    That is a good question.